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Quickly Set up. 2.95% transaction fee on each contribution.


We have developed the simple and easy to use tool for your online fundraising campaigns. Combined with features like URL sharing, makes you reach followers on multiple platforms. On each donation you receive, we charge only 2.95% for processing costs.

We also help you understand the product and are ready to guide you whenever required.

Multiple Layouts to Choose from

Our donation pages are beyond average. Aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and data driven, our optimized donation forms are simple to use and navigate. Just a few clicks and voila, the funds are on the way! It's that simple !

And here comes the fun part...

The donations are charged with just 2.95% processing costs in comparison to other portals who charge not less than 3.99%. So, if you receive 100 donations of $1000 each, you are already saving $1,040. Yayyy!

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Comprehensive & Reliable


We make sure that you get what we promise. We provide quick support and are readily available to provide support.


No need to wait for checks! Yes, it's true because you will receive funds directly into your bank account.


Our forms are protected by SSL so to make secure connections when your followers fill the donation form.

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Your money is not held with us and it will never be! The funds are automatically transferred to your bank accounts. Checks and long payout schedules are a passé, we work fast. If you want to learn more, contact us.


Propolitician's donation is faster, reliable and secure plus, we are supported by banks. Providing low processing costs than others, we have already generated more than million dollars, and we are counting more. With direct ACH payment transfer, your money reaches you on time!